• Why I launched the first Muscadet in a can

    Canned wine: the new trend

    When I read in the industry press about the boom in canned wine (+80% in the US and +150% in the UK, I said "we are going to do cans"!

    The wine industry is going greener, and cans can be almost indefinitely recycled (compared to ony 15 times for a glass bottle). According to waste professionals magazine Circular, almost 70% of cans are recycled and when it's done efficiently a beverage can can be back on the shelves in 6 to 8 weeks. Transporting and storing cans is also relatively energy efficient.

    Creating our canned wine Ocean has been an exciting project. The launch was put back slightly due to COVID, but we are now ready to present our cans to foreign buyers at Wineparis (if you can't make it we'll find a way to get them to you). We wanted to create a fresh and novel identity for the wine that will appeal to a different clientèle to our traditional range of lees-aged Muscadets and other white varietals in bottles.


    Ocean: a ready-to-drink classic dry white wineDomaine Martin and Half Full Wines launched this can called "Océan" - A dry white wine

    But what about the wine in the cans? Ocean is an AOC Muscadet, but what we are marketing is just a good classic dry   white wine that is ready to drink. To make the wine accessible to all and not just Muscadet lovers, we've taken out most   of the CO2, so there's none of the characteristic spritz of a Muscadet sur-lie. Can-making technology has improved so   there is no metallic taste to the wine and conservation is great.

     Unsurprisingly, French customers can be tough to convince, but we've had positive reactions from fish counters, for  whom this is the perfect take-away wine to go with a dozen oysters. The combination of attractive packaging and an   easily portable format makes Ocean great for a chic picnic or boat trip (no cumbersome bottle to lug around with you).   Plus, as both younger and older segments look to drink more responsibly, smaller serve formats also look set to grow in   popularity.

     So what about you? Have you tried canned wine?

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