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Le cru du muscadet Monnières – Saint Fiacre,
c’est l’adéquation parfaite d’un cépage, le Melon B, avec son terroir. Entre les rives de la Sèvre et de la Maine, les vignes grandissent et s’épanouissent dans les sols issus d’un socle de gneiss. Puis, avec patience, les vignerons élèvent le cru Monnières – Saint Fiacre, vin de caractère, sur ses lies de fermentation.

Half Full Wines

Half Full Wines were born from the desire to offer to the lovers of life, to the amateurs of sweet, convivial and natural moments, to have a companion of every occasion, fresh and colourful.

Half Full Wines promise to bring you wherever you decide to "psschit" with your can, an approachable wine that will perfectly match your moment. You will be one! Half for you, half for your canned wine!


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"Interloire, the joint professional association for the Loire Valley Wines, was created by the winegrowers and négociants of the Pays Nantais, Anjou, Saumur and Touraine as a way of protecting and developing their 50 Appellation and Designation of Origin areas as ratified by decree."


Last edited: 2020-11-23