• Do you want to know ?

    TastingBecause this is good news, actually !!
    Well, ok, I tell you then : we will be attending Wine Paris, from February 10th to February 12th, 2020 ! We are really proud and can't wait to be there to meet new nice partners.

    Our Muscadet and Chardonnay are already available in some countries : Norh East USA, Japan and Belgium.
    We now aim to progress on these markets, especially in the other regions of the USA, and get new ones, like Ireland or Eastern Europe countries.
    Our key strengths, except the good quality of our wines of course ? Autonomy and responsiveness ! The way we are organised and the investments we make allow us to control every step of our process, and then meet our commitments. This is certainly one of the reasons why our japanese importer has trusted us for 15 years now...

    So please come and visit us, we will be glad to share a glass of our "Per son Pain" or our Cru Monnières - Saint Fiacre "Le Rochils" with you.

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  • Let's go for harvest

    Harvest 2019

    September is here, time for harvest !

     This year, like every year before, and every year after, our Domain is seething with excitement.

     Some take turns in the vineyard, from dawn to dusk, to harvest the precious Melon B. and Chardonnay grapes. They started in the "Per son Pain" plot, then got out of the machine to manually harvest the "Rochils" hill. They will go on in Les Mortrais for Chardonnay.
      Others bustle around at the cellar to extract the no less precious nectar for our Muscadet and other cuvées.
    Scents, noises, first tastings... stir each sense of the whole team.
     This "routine" is a kind of magic, as if time had stopped for a while, allowing life cycle to start over again.

     We can't wait to tell you our first impression about this vintage 2019 !